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JMS security provides construction site security service as they are the most vulnerable site. A construction site can be a jackpot of thieves, a perpetrator, or criminally involved individuals. You can rely on JMS security for the safety of your assets, equipments, and even the workers present at the site.

Your Safety is Our Top Priority

Construction sites have the most accidental rate as there is a lot of heavy equipment and machinery. To protect workers, people, and other individuals is our top priority. We at JMS make sure to reduce the chances of injuries, clear perimeter and implement safety measures at the site

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Assurance and Resilient are our core strengths. Assurance to provide the best security service tailored according to your prerequisites and Resilient attributes to bounce back from any major or minor setback.

Here are the most common threats at construction sites.

Theft – Construction sites are like a magnet for thieves who want to score a jackpot through stealing equipment and valuable assets.

Vandalism – Every construction site has seen many vandalism activities, broken equipment, tools have been stolen, walls covered in graffiti, windows broken, and sometimes even fires too.

Accidents – There is a lot of heavy equipment at the construction site and that is the reason it is a nest to major accidents which could affect the pace of the project.

Trespassing – People can make a construction site their home, area of control, or even perform illegal activities.

Injuries – There are plenty of reasons due to which injuries could happen if there is no security guard on a perimeter run ready for counter. Some of them are:

  • Falls
  • Electrocution
  • Being struck
  • Machinery accidents
  • Chemical exposures

There are lot of ways to improve construction site security:

  • Video surveillance
  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Access Control System
  • Post Signage
  • Rules and Regulations

Well, the bigger the construction site the more complex it becomes, so rather than getting confused why don’t you hire construction site security at JMS security. We will keep the above mentioned points in check and there is much more that we can offer. Just contact our experts today to learn all about our service.

Well a poor construction site security can lead to injuries, accidents, vandalism, theft and even legal issues. Hire JMS security services to reduce crime and keep your construction site safe.

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