Industrial Site Security

JMS security services provide you the best security plans and programs for industrial sites. Being in the industry for a long time we have accumulated vast experience and have worked for many elite clients.

Industrial Sites

Industrial sites cover a huge area that needs to be safeguard. There are valuable assets, equipment, and intellectual properties that need safety. Our aim is to provide the best security service for your industrial space at affordable prices.

Security Plans, Programs, and Practices for Warehouse and Factories

We can derive a plan that could help you to safeguard your valuable assets at the warehouse. Factors also are often prone to theft and vandalism. There could be unauthorized access and as there are heavy equipment warehouses and factories both need high security levels.

  • Physical Security – Controlling the entry and exit, maintaining a thorough physical check, and attending security guards are all aspects of a physical security plan.
  • Informational Security – Our security personnels spend time learning about the facility and go through rigorous training for protecting your sites.
  • Operational Security – A security plan that does not restrict the movements of workers and machinery. In fact it will help the sites to maintain an optimum operational efficiency.
Security Plans, Programs, and Practices for Power Plants and Chemical Plants

Chemical Plants and Power plants are gold mines for certain types of thieves who want to utilize free goods for their benefits. Hence a good security plan is essential to eradicate the possibility of theft or intrusion which could result in catastrophe.

  • Physical Security – The plan consists of security guards, access control team, perimeter scan team, and quick response team that will help to counter theft and vandalism.
  • Informational Security – Both power and chemical plants are treasure for expert criminals who want to reap benefits of free goods, hence to protect those goods our security goes through training and R&D for coming up with a robust plan.
  • Operational Security – Chemical and Power plants need to operate 24/7 hence we also have a 24/7 security plan that mitigates the risk of theft and vandalism in night time too.
Security Plans, Programs, and Practices for Oil and Gas Facilities

Oil and Gas facilities are prone to sabotage, theft, and even accidents. There are plenty of security regulations that need to be kept in check and necessary measures to reduce those risks. JMS security provides the best security services of your Oil and Gas facilities.

  • Physical Security – Both facilities are quite big in size and space this requires a security guard to make a perimeter run and protect the facilities from intrusions that would result in theft.
  • Informational Security – Our security guard keeps up with the updated modern tech that would help them to provide the best security services for our clients.
  • Operational Security – The security guards know how to comply with the regulations, procedures, and learn the rules quickly to maintain the security level without disrupting the operations.
Security Plans, Programs, and Practices for Data Centres

Rising technological needs have made data centers an essential part of industry. Hence a rigorous security service needs to keep the data centers in check. They need 24/7 monitoring and smart security guards that know about modern day security technology.

  • Physical Security – Data centers also need security guards who could prevent any sorts of intrusion, vandalism, and theft as they are an important source for businesses all around the world.
  • Informational Security – Our security guards are fast learners, early adapters, and quick responders for keeping your data safe and secure.
  • Operational Security – At JMS security we train our security guards to perform their tasks and duties without disrupting the functions and operations of the space there are safeguarding.

Our Key Services

JMS security provides a wide range of security services utilizing highly trained and experienced security guards as well as advanced technology to fill your security needs and gaps.

Special Event Security Services

We at JMS security help you live your special moments without worrying about the safety of loved ones. It is our responsibility to protect them through predicting and eliminating any threat that disrupts your joyous environment. So trust JMS security services and don’t worry about your loved ones, we are determined and committed to keep them safe.

Residential Security Service

JMS security services help you to keep your neighborhood and surrounding clean and safe. We do not allow the possibility of threat and theft to hinder your peace of mind. We have experienced and proficient security personnels. Our security services will work 24/7 to protect you and your loved ones. So don’t worry, just trust JMS security.

Commercial Security Services

We identify the life-threatening pain points for you and mitigate them through robust risk assessment strategies. Our security personnel are experienced and well trained, so don’t worry about office security and keep the momentum of work upward. JMS security is the best and most reliable security service provider for commercial space.

Construction Site Security Services

Accidents, injuries, theft or vandalism, construction sites are common targets for such nuisance. We at JMS security provide the best construction security services that protects your sites, machinery, assets, tools, equipment, and people allowing them to work and maintain the consistency for better output.

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