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Your safety is our top priority! That is our motto and we stand by our motto to become better everyday. We keep you safe while your attendees enjoy their favorite event at the fullest.

About Special Event Site

Events have huge crowds and that makes it the most vulnerable place for criminal activities. There could be theft, outrage, people could destroy equipment and even assets.

Security Plans, Programs and Practices for Political Events

Our security plans are made to keep your political events peaceful, eliminate riots and address any criminal activities that could lead to an unknown catastrophe. Every plan and program is keeping in mind the pain points one may experience during a political event.

  • Physical Security – Patrolling guards, access control security, and incident response team. We cover every aspect of physical security in this plan.
  • Operational Security – And Advanced plan that addresses the needs of even organizers eliminating the paint points that they are worried about.
Security Plans, Programs and Practices for Sports Events

A sports event may consist of fans and enthusiasts who are rolling high on horses, it could lead to dispute or vandalism. There are also chances of theft, hence we have derived a security plan specifically for sports events.

  • Physical Security – This security plan is made to acknowledge the crowd violence, terrorism and even ticket counterfeiting that leads to unauthorized access.
  • Operational Security – Our security personnels are trained to keep the sports event running without any possibilities of obstruction. Planning, professional reacting, and good communication skills are part of this security plan.
Security Plans, Programs and Practices for Concerts and Festivals

Concerts and Festivals are prone to cross the limits of tolerance sometimes, overcrowding, vandalism, and criminal activities are driven by the sense of free will. This is why we have a security plan that makes your concert enjoyable and hit rather than a miss.

  • Physical Security – This includes security measures that address crowd management, perimeter run, securing entries and exits. All concerts and festival events require physical security as they are highly reliable to win attendees’ trust.
  • Operational Security – During the concert and festival our security guard observes any event-violation activities, bullying, mis-behaviors, etc. This allows every attendees to enjoy the event without worrying about any sort of threatening activities.
Security Plans, Programs and Practices for Corporate Events, Public Gatherings,& Religious Events

Public gatherings, corporate events, and religious events have elite crowds. They need a security plan that involves alertness, quick response team, guards with good communication skills and risk assessment team. At JMS security you will find it all and the best.

  • Physical Security – A plan that involves safety of participants and attendees. Protect the event organizers, the committee, and the sponsors from vandalism or acts of violence.
  • Operational Security – A plan that would make sure the events are going smoothly, no infiltration has been made without the organizers knowing, a team is ready to respond and will eliminate any sorts of life threatening emergencies.

Our Key Services

JMS security provides a wide range of security services utilizing highly trained and experienced security guards as well as advanced technology to fill your security needs and gaps.

Special Event Security Services

We at JMS security help you live your special moments without worrying about the safety of loved ones. It is our responsibility to protect them through predicting and eliminating any threat that disrupts your joyous environment. So trust JMS security services and don’t worry about your loved ones, we are determined and committed to keep them safe.

Residential Security Services

JMS security services help you to keep your neighborhood and surrounding clean and safe. We do not allow the possibility of threat and theft to hinder your peace of mind. We have experienced and proficient security personnels. Our security services will work 24/7 to protect you and your loved ones. So don’t worry, just trust JMS security.

Commercial Security Services

We identify the life-threatening pain points for you and mitigate them through robust risk assessment strategies. Our security personnel are experienced and well trained, so don’t worry about office security and keep the momentum of work upward. JMS security is the best and most reliable security service provider for commercial space.

Construction Site Security Services

Accidents, injuries, theft or vandalism, construction sites are common targets for such nuisance. We at JMS security provide the best construction security services that protects your sites, machinery, assets, tools, equipment, and people allowing them to work and maintain the consistency for better output.

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