Commercial Properties

JMS security is committed to protect your office and commercial properties. We put forward your security demands and analyze your needs to draft the best security plan that would keep your assets and resources secure.

About Commercial Property

Security services for commercial property depends on the type of commercial space. The space, size, the location, type everything matters. This helps us to create the best security program and plans for you at affordable prices.

Security Plans, Programs, & Practices Created for Retail Stores.

We divide retail store security programs into 3 major pain points that we address through various means. The program is comprehensive, is regularly reviewed, and a consistent communication channel is maintained between client and JMS security for better results.

  • Physical Security – Video surveillance, security guards, and access control every aspect of this practice is dedicated to eliminate the chances of unauthorized individuals.
  • Informational Security – Security awareness training is given to our personnels as they commit to keep your legal documents, digital information, and data safe from physical vandalism or theft.
  • Operational Security – From cash handling procedure to inventory control, our security guards are given robust training to eliminate the possibilities of theft and fraud.
Security Plans, Programs, & Practices Created for Office and Businesses.

The programs we implement are all backed by rigorous security training, detailed research and analytical skills to ensure business continuity for our clients. There is also an awareness training program that keeps our personnels updated with your business expansion for better results.

  • Physical Security – Business and offices are made of employees, those employees keep the business running and it is our responsibility to keep them safe, restrict any sorts of unauthorized access, eliminate harassment and assault.
  • Informational Security – There are alot of assets in the office, physical assets, helpful resources, data, legal documents, etc. We safeguard those information assets and eliminate the possibility of vandalism and burglary.
  • Operational Security – We safeguard your businesses and office space so that you can work at the optimum efficiency without worrying about terrorism, vandalis, theft, or assault.
Security Plans, Programs, & Practices Created for Warehouse, Schools, & Hospitals.

Schools, Hospitals, and Warehouses need a strong security plan without any loopholes. They are the most important commercial properties. Hence we focus on eliminating those loopholes through implementing a security plan that is combined with physical and operational security.

  • Physical Security – These places are common grounds for breaking and entering. Hence a physical security plan is crucial for the safety of students, teachers, patients, and such individuals.
  • Informational Security – Hospitals & Warehouses are a gold mine of information and data. So to eliminate the threat of theft we draft a plan that is dedicated to the safety of information.
  • Operational Security – These commercial spaces need to operate without any obstructions hence we incorporate visitor management, crowd control, and emergency procedure in such types of plans.
Customized Security Plans, Programs, & Practices Created According to Your Demands.

A customized plan addresses your needs and keeps you safe as per your demand. Every person has their own set of pain points that need acknowledgment. at JMS security services we provide a personalized tailored plan for those individuals who want their security programs to be strictly according to their prerequisite.

  • Physical Security – It includes security measures that restrict anyone from force entry. Unauthorized accesses are not allowed and we keep monitoring the ones who have access to the perimeter space for additional precautions.
  • Informational Security – Every commercial space is a treasure island for data, information, cash, legal documents. Our security plan is made to safeguard all your informational assets that are important for you.
  • Operational Security – Managing people, assisting them, and providing customer service covers the security plan that comes under operation security. It is important for us to not disrupt the functionality at the same time keep you and your belongings safe.

Our Key Services

JMS security provides a wide range of security services utilizing highly trained and experienced security guards as well as advanced technology to fill your security needs and gaps.

Special Event Security Services

We at JMS security help you live your special moments without worrying about the safety of loved ones. It is our responsibility to protect them through predicting and eliminating any threat that disrupts your joyous environment. So trust JMS security services and don’t worry about your loved ones, we are determined and committed to keep them safe.

Residential Security Services

JMS security services help you to keep your neighborhood and surrounding clean and safe. We do not allow the possibility of threat and theft to hinder your peace of mind. We have experienced and proficient security personnels. Our security services will work 24/7 to protect you and your loved ones. So don’t worry, just trust JMS security.

Commercial Security Services

We identify the life-threatening pain points for you and mitigate them through robust risk assessment strategies. Our security personnel are experienced and well trained, so don’t worry about office security and keep the momentum of work upward. JMS security is the best and most reliable security service provider for commercial space.

Construction Site Security Services

Accidents, injuries, theft or vandalism, construction sites are common targets for such nuisance. We at JMS security provide the best construction security services that protects your sites, machinery, assets, tools, equipment, and people allowing them to work and maintain the consistency for better output.

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